It’s ALWAYS your fault!

“You cannot blame circumstances for any failure. The ultimate power lies within you to fearlessly conquer challenges for your achievements.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

This is a harsh reality I got to realize about myself. At first I felt very defensive and angry when I heard the statement: “It’s always your fault”. At the back of my mind I had excuses explaining why I was an underachiever in various aspects of my life. The first people that came to my mind were my family members who disappointed me on numerous occasions.  The next was my genetics and my upbringing. The next was monetary factors and other related dis satisfactions. The list became a bit ridiculous the more I scrutinized it. None of this blame shifting was going to make my life better. The only thing I could do was to learn from my disappointments and change my approach.

Whatever you lack in your life is your fault concerning possessions and acquisitions. It is your fault that you are not in a good romantic relationship. It is your fault that you are struggling financially. It is your fault that you are overweight and not in your best body shape. It is your fault that you allowed people to use you and manipulate you. It is your fault that you allowed yourself to settle for things that were not going to bring you joy, happiness and fulfillment.   It is your fault that you did not apply your time and effort in order to learn how to acquire all the things you desire from life. Paradoxically only when you accept this notion, that is when you start taking responsibility over circumstances you have control over. You will force yourself to learn from life and ask yourself what you could have done to make things better. You assess your possibilities and start utilizing everything within your reach that can make your life more favorable.  The only person who can change your circumstances is you. You cannot rely on anyone but yourself. There is a profound quote which says “I cannot control the wind, but I can adjust my sails to get to where I want to go”.

Nature does not care, and is merciless. Nature doesn’t break its laws for anyone who doesn’t master it. You reap what you sow, whether intentionally or accidentally. Whether you knew or didn’t know, you will still bear the consequences. Your commission as well as your omission (failure to act) will be accounted for.  If you do not take the necessary measures to prevent or limit negative impulses and influences, they will end up controlling you.  It is your duty therefore to separate the seeds from the chaff. In life you only get rewarded for overcoming challenges. How you overcome it is your business and no-one else’s. There is no merit for he who is succumbed by a challenge, not to mention he who tries to avoid it. So next time someone asks you why something in your life didn’t turn out the way you planned, be brave enough to look them squarely in the eye and say it was my fault. I did not force myself to learn all there was to learn, I did not do all there was to do and I allowed others to interfere where I could have objected. IT WAS MY FAULT!

Oscar (Dj Sulfa) is a weight-loss expert, graphic designer , musician, dating coach, motivational speaker and author . A self- proclaimed experimenter who is fascinated by cracking the codes to achievement in order to make life easier, faster, cheaper and more pleasurable in the pursuit of the results that you seek. Follow him on the following social media links:  Facebook    Instagram