I’m certain you have read the previous article highlighting the various diet misconceptions (including the calorie myth). In case you’ve been sleeping in class, I’m going to repeat myself again (just because I’m a nice person). Consider the following question : is a calorie just a calorie? The answer to this is a blatant NO! It has been proven time and time again that the quality as well as the source of the calorie plays a major part in your weight loss regime. An unlimited amount of healthy protein and healthy fat will not make you fat despite the high calorie content of the two combined. On the other hand, a significantly lower portion of carbs and alcohol can induce weight gain even though the combined calorie content appears to be lesser. This is because you are not a linear mathematical energy input /output machine.

Other factors take place in your digestion such as enzymes, hormones, and the distribution of  digested nutrients. This is why it is a bit pointless counting calories. We will discuss in later chapters how different nutrients are dealt with differently by our bodies and what effects they have on us. So for now don’t be intimidated by the numbers and the scientific jargon. This is just so that you get a better understanding whenever you are reading a nutrition label in a shop. In case you are really curious about the calorie content of some of the common foods: visit this website: www.fatsecret.com

The energy value of food is measured by the common universal measurement of Calories and Kilojoules. Both calories and Kilojoules are measured per 1 gram of food.

1 calorie = 4 .2 kilojoules

1g of carbohydrate = 4 calories /17kj
1g of protein = 4 calories/ 17 kj
1g of fat = 9 calories / 37 kj
1g of alcohol = 7 calories / 29kj



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