EAT LESS, EXERCISE MORE? (The flawed premise)

We’ve all heard the phrase: “eat less, exercise more” as the solution to weight-loss. The exact opposite being gluttony and sloth. People speculated from time immemorial that being overweight means you are a lazy person who lacks self-control. As much as there is some truth in that, there are also a lot of misconceptions. It has become known science that eating a lot does not necessarily make you fatter. It is also acknowledged that exercising more does not guarantee weight loss.

IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO THE QUALITY OF BOTH. As much as it is true that eating a lot of carb filled foods and not exercising leads most people to becoming overweight. It is also the same when it comes to eating a lot of carb filled foods while exercising. Both parties are going to be overweight eventually in the long run. This is because as much as exercise induces thirst, it also induces a lot of hunger. You are unconsciously going to find yourself eating more than you used to before. It’s just the way your body reacts to compensate for its energy debt by prompting a ferocious appetite. Most people who do not know the right foods to eat will find themselves eating larger quantities of carbohydrates. Such  carbohydrates (especially the refined ones) induce more hunger as they stimulate your appetite (unlike foods such as proteins and fats that make you full). The other unfortunate part is that such grown appetite does not go away the moment you stop exercising or when you take a break. Most people will find themselves eating similar portions of food regardless whether they still exercise or not. Good news however is that, as long as you eat the right foods; you will get great results despite the amount you eat. So bear in mind the most realistic formula: EAT MORE (good quality foods) and EXERCISE MORE (effectively).


Oscar (Dj Sulfa) is a weight-loss expert, graphic designer , musician, dating coach, motivational speaker and author . A self- proclaimed experimenter who is fascinated by cracking the codes to achievement in order to make life easier, faster, cheaper and more pleasurable in the pursuit of the results that you seek. Follow him on the following social media links:  Facebook    Instagram