GET OFF YOUR BUT! (With Sean Stephenson)

Meet the 90cm giant with a huge heart and a great outlook on life: Sean Stephenson. He is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, psychotherapist and believe it or not: a successful dating coach who has dated a string of beautiful women before finally settling down and getting married. He has managed to live an amazing life which included traveling the world and rubbing shoulders with some of the most successful and prominent leaders of the world. When it comes to the field of fitness and nutrition, Sean has been a body builder for a few years now and has a six – pack set of abs that most fitness competitors dream of. His life story proves to the world that despite external limitations, the major limitations to one’s own happiness are those we choose to place on ourselves.

His life wasn’t always so glamorous. So too was it filled with frustration, pain, and a fight for survival. Because of his genetic bone disorder, his childhood was riddled with physical pain and his bones were so brittle that they were fracturing constantly. Doctors felt that Sean’s condition would most likely turn fatal with a premature death. He narrowly escaped death but was bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Just like any person who is physically challenged, he was plagued by the same thoughts and limitations that made him feel he wasn’t good enough for this game called life. As a kid he couldn’t do things that normal kids would do and was often secluded. He thought he could never have a normal relationship with a pretty girl despite his charm, intelligence and good sense of humour. These and a hundred other frustrations were his normal daily life.

Looking at him today, one can only imagine how he managed to overcome those trials and tribulations. It is often said that the way a person lives his life can either serve as a warning or as an example to us. Sean is the example! An example of how to get over your fears, insecurities, and excuses. Sean could have sentenced himself to a lifetime of misery, yet he consciously chose to pardon himself from the pity. What is truly amazing about Sean is the fact that not only did he manage to overcome his struggles, but he chose to dedicate his life to helping millions of others do the same. He doesn’t just have a compelling story to tell in his book; he has a specific plan for you to follow. His plan is designed to help you and people you care about to get off what he calls your BUTS. Of course, in Sean’s own words, he’s referring to our BUT fears , BUT insecurities and BUT excuses. People often say “I would do this, BUT I can’t.” OR “I would be happy and successful, BUT I’m too young.” OR “BUT, I don’t have the right parents.” OR “BUT, I’m not tall enough.” OR “BUT I’m not pretty enough.” Everybody has got a “BUT”. Holding on to such BUTS creates nothing but self-sabotaging experiences.


His main advice to people who get the pleasure of meeting him is: “Always catch yourself whenever you’re sitting back on your “BUT.” When you’re telling yourself that you’re not good enough, you’re not powerful enough, you’re not attractive enough. Stop that in its tracks. Get up off of that “but” and take a stand, because you need to be playing much larger with your life. Do it so that you can nudge humanity one more inch closer to what it needs to be. I don’t care how old you are. You should not be looking at what you can’t do. You need to be looking at what you can do. I’ve never let the external conditions define who I am; and you shouldn’t either. So, make sure that you get up off your “but,” and find what you’re really supposed to be doing on this planet. Change your mind a million times if you have to, but just make sure you’re heading forward in your life. If you can do that, then you are living your life perfectly”.

I strongly recommend that you read his book (twice) and experience his compelling story. His book will show you how to move beyond your limitations and begin to experience and share your gifts at the highest level. Sean stands for the possibility of you living at the level of the extraordinary. Follow the lessons closely, and watch as your life transforms into a masterpiece filled with an abundance of bliss, passion and gratitude. Also watch this brief video and get highly inspired:



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