In my personal opinion, avoiding exercise is not an option. Join a gym now and take up at least one social sport that you find fun. At the very least, start exercising from home. As much as it is possible to lose weight strictly on a good nutrition plan alone, I would prefer that your weight loss journey be a more entertaining path toward self-discovery and self-improvement. Meet new people; learn more about training and most of all get out of the comfort zone of your home. There are also a lot of benefits that come with exercise that you shouldn’t deprive yourself from. Firstly exercise induces fitness and vitality. You will feel more energised and stronger. Exercise strengthens and improves the functions of your vital organs. In addition it is a great form of stress relief as your brain triggers the release of endorphins each time you work out. Weight wise, you will notice faster and significant aesthetic results. Don’t make excuses and get started as soon as possible.

Based on popular observation, most people hardly exercise at all. They always have some great reason why they never have time for it. They look at exercise as some giant mountain that they have to climb, whereas in all fairness you only need less than 30 minutes a day (unless you have some body building contest coming soon.) That being said: if you are a beginner you are naturally going to exercise more than you used to anyway. But what does the phrase “exercise more” really entail? Some authors put emphasis on time spent working out whereas some authors put emphasis
on the intensity of the workout. I prefer the intensity route. If you think you are going to achieve great results by walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes then think again. It has been scientifically proven that 3 one minute semi sprints will burn more calories than a 20 minute casual jog. Choose what is efficient and that which doesn’t take up too much of your time. That way you will end up doing more of it consistently and getting better results. Also include heavy weights in your exercise programme. This ensures you build muscle faster, which in turn boosts your metabolism. A faster metabolism equals faster weight-loss. We will discuss this in detail in later chapters.


There’s a famous phrase that says: “six pack abs are prepared in the kitchen”. I used to think that because I had a great 3 hour session at the gym, I could eat whatever I wanted without consequences: HUGE MISTAKE! Exercise only covers 20-30% of your weight-loss regime. The rest is up to your nutrition. If you don’t complement your exercise efforts with proper nutritional efforts, chances are you will see very little aesthetic results if any. Stick to what works and don’t sabotage your physical efforts. Let them both complement each other in order to give you the best results possible.


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