“You measure the size of the  accomplishment by the obstacles you have to overcome to reach your goals.”  – Booker T. Washington

You are going to face obstacles that are going to make you backslide. Be prepared to embrace them, it’s normal. You are not going to accomplish things perfectly on your very first attempt. During the process of your diet and fitness challenge you will get sick. You will get injured. Your pet will die. You will have pressing deadlines. Unforeseen emergencies are going to randomly occur. You will travel. Someone close to you will experience a tragic event. You will slack. You will experience fatigue and frustration. You will party and drink yourself silly. You will have emotional lows. Your significant other is going to disappoint you…. the list will go on and on. The truth is , even though you may give yourself a 6 month goal where you expect to get your greatest results, realistically it is going to take a little bit longer.

As long as you don’t use any of these obstacles as an excuse to quit, you are gold. These obstacles are just temporary setbacks that are mostly out of your control anyway. Never let any of these circumstances make you lose focus on the ultimate goal: the best body and the best life you deserve. Just continue where you left off and limit your actions to one day compartments where you tell yourself: today is all that counts… yesterday is gone and tomorrow is just the next today…

Pick yourself up and go again. At least now you have more reassurance that the direction you are heading is getting you closer to the body of your dreams. You know for a fact that the process works, it just needs your conscious and consistent effort. As I pointed out earlier, we will realistically get our best bodies after 1-2 years of constant dieting and exercise. It’s the jellyfish motion of two steps forward, one step back that eventually gets you there. Don’t give up too soon; this is a game of patience and small gradual improvements. Do the best you can with your current circumstances. Embrace the backslides as part of the game, but prepare yourself to come back with more intensity and focus. This is how you eventually get to your ultimate goal.

Don’t be too worried about time-frames, your health is not dependant on deadlines. Put in the effort and only quit when you achieve your best body, regardless how long it takes. Remember that you are not in a race. Some people might lose weight faster and easier than you, but it’s not a good reason to feel demotivated. You are only competing with one contender: yourself. Being the best version of yourself means constantly striving to be better than yesterday. Keep pushing and ploughing through the obstacles: you will thank yourself for doing it….


Oscar (Dj Sulfa) is a weight-loss expert, graphic designer , musician, dating coach, motivational speaker and author . A self- proclaimed experimenter who is fascinated by cracking the codes to achievement in order to make life easier, faster, cheaper and more pleasurable in the pursuit of the results that you seek. Follow him on the following social media links:  Facebook    Instagram